Tips on how to save money on Web Hosting 2020

In the age of internet every business has an online face that represents the business in the online world. Without an online presence it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain their operations and expand and attract newer customers.

To thrive in the age of information you need a website that lets people interact with your business online and get the details they need and interact with you from the comfort of their homes.

Web hosting service allow you to host your website on their servers where they manage user traffic and keep your website up and running and are responsible for ensuring that your website is online 24×7, 365 days a year.

Saving Money on Web Hosting

Using web hosting services is the easiest and most convenient way of ensuring that your website remains online and is able to handle user traffic regardless of how heavy the traffic may become.

A web hosting service offers to host your website and do all the back-end work and ensure smooth running of your website without letting the website modules and features lag or malfunction ensuring a smooth browsing experience for your users/visitors.

Web hosting is particularly more important for companies or businesses that are just starting out and cannot afford their own domain or hosting and require hosting services from a third party.

For these companies, a third party hosting service is the most efficient usage of resources that offers better return on investment in the earlier stages of business when the revenue generation is not that high.

Saving money on web hosting is an important management aspect that can help you save a lot of money on web hosting while enjoying the benefits of being online.

Here are a few tips on how to save money on web hosting

Use Coupon or Promo Links

Whenever signing up with a web hosting service it is better to look for a hosting service that provide promotional offers, coupons, promotional links or sign up discounts for you.

These web hosting services are trying to attract clients it is better to use these services as they will be willing to provide additional discounts in order to build a client base or expand their client base.

Using promo links and coupons can significantly bring down the hosting costs and save money for you. Check A2 Hosting Discount Coupons 2019 & Save upto 67%

Purchase hosting for a longer period

Web hosting services charge different rates based on the time period you are going to pay for their services. Renewing every month or two can cost a lot as you must pay the same amount every time you renew.

Most hosting services provide additional discounts and lower rates if you are willing to buy hosting services for a longer period of time.

A onetime payment for 6 months will see you pay way lower than what you will otherwise pay for the renewing every month at the one month rate. Purchasing for a longer period will see you save more money in the longer run.

Avoid unwanted extra services during checkout

Most of the time you can get tricked into paying for services you don’t really need when going for a web hosting service. It is thus advised to always look for and avoid unwanted services that add on the costs of hosting services.

During checkout ensure that only those services are being paid for that you need and want and not those that you are not going to use and have no practical use at your current scale of business.

Purchase during special day/offers

Another way of getting extra discounts is to buy hosting services during special discount sales and holiday offers.

These sales are an excellent opportunity as the services are available at great discounts and you can get a great bargain in getting hosting services during these days.

Sometimes you can even switch hosting services to get better prices from a2 hosting during these days of special offers.

For eg: During A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales, You will be getting discounts upto 70%.

Shared hosting packages are cheaper

Another way of bringing down the costs of web hosting is to go for shared hosting packages when you’re just starting out and don’t expect much traffic on your website anyway.

These shared hosting services as the name represents are when you are sharing memory space on the server with various other websites.

All these websites share the same server space as they don’t expect much visitors and the space allocated is enough to accommodate visitors until the website grows big enough to need its own server.

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Refer a friend & earn a $50 hosting credit from A2 Hosting

Alternatively you can sign up on A2 hosting and refer your friends using your own reference code. Every time someone signs up on A2 hosting using your referral code you get a $50 hosting credit which can be redeemed the next time you renew your web hosting services or upgrade or downgrade to other plans.

Referring other people to use A2 hosting can significantly bring down the costs of your web hosting.


Web hosting is a necessity for businesses that are just starting out and need the exposure to grow. Being online and having a website can push the business in the right direction and give it the starting boost it needs to start generating revenue and become profitable.

It is thus of paramount importance to have a good web hosting service that can accommodate all your wants and needs at affordable prices and does not become a burden on your budget.

A2 hosting is one such web hosting service that gives you the freedom you need while being incredibly easy on your budget.

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