A2 VPS Hosting Review & Discount (Fastest VPS Hosting 2020)

 20X Faster VPS Web Hosting – A2 VPS Hosting

A2 VPS Hosting review 2020 : A2 Hosting has a reputation in the market for providing high powered VPS hosting service. As a result, this hosting company considers the speed as well as reliability of their hosting service as their top priority.

Though it is not the most popular name in the vps market, when it comes to fastest and most reliable VPS hosting service, then there is nothing better than A2 Hosting VPS. Apart from providing high-quality services, they also offer affordable plans thus making it suitable for their clients to avail their services.

Still having trouble in putting your trust on A2 Hosting? Well, then have a look at our A2 Hosting VPS review and you will be to clear your confusions.

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A Brief Overview of A2 Hosting VPS review

Started by Bryan Muthig back in the year 2001, this hosting company started its journey under the name of Iniquinet. The company was previously designed for serving a small group of clients. However, their clients became huge by the year 2003 due to a2h premium quality services.

As a result, they went on to change the name to A2 Hosting in 2003 after the small town of Ann Arbor in Michigan where the company started its journey. Since then A2 Hosting has been leaping the hurdles and setting benchmarks in the industry.

The main goal that the company has followed since its inception was to provide such quality service that the staff members would be eager to make its use themselves.

Actually, A2 Hosting was set-up over four main pillars which are 24/7/365 quality service and uptime, lightning fast speed of loading, a highly dedicated customer support team and the best quality developer tools.

Plus, A2 Hosting boasts themselves as a Green Hosting Company as they have always been very dedicated to minimizing the adverse effects of rapid climate change. As a matter of fact, the company partnered with carbonfund.org and they have maintained the 100% Carbon Neutral status since the year 2007.

Moreover, their data-center in Iceland is one of the few data center’s in the world with zero carbon footprint due to their highly efficient geothermal cooling system. So, when it comes to VPS hosting, you can be completely assured of getting the highest quality services with A2 Hosting VPS.

A2 VPS Hosting

Features of A2 Hosting VPS Servers

Actually, there are a plethora of extraordinary features that the VPS hosting plans from A2 Hosting comes with. Thus, it is not possible to list all the features in our A2 Hosting review. Hence, we have listed the most exciting features of VPS Hosting service provided by the company for you to check out.

a2 hosting 2000% Faster VPS Server

Offers lightning fast speed using Solid State Drives

Of course, the VPS servers of A2 Hosting use Solid State Drives or SSD drives instead of the normal hard drives to offer more reliable performance. As a matter of fact, the SSD drives are very fast and more efficient in performance than the normal hard drives.

The SSD Drives store the information in microchips which can be accessed at a lightning fast speed unlike the slow and mechanical process of data access of HDD’s. As a result, it boosts the speed and reduces the loading time greatly.

Provides maximum server uptime

Server uptime is essential for the success of any website since the downtime can cost you a lot of money and the trust of your audience. However, you will not have to worry about server downtime’s while using VPS hosting from A2 Hosting.

The company offers a server uptime of 99.96 percent which is much higher than the industry average of 99.79 percent. Hence, you can always be assured about the reliable service if you are using the VPS hosting service from A2 Hosting.

Minimises the risk of data loss with RAID 10 Storage

RAID 10 or Redundant Array of Independent Disks 10 is an innovative technology that makes use of multiple drives to store data in order to minimize the risks of data loss. Since the technology uses multiple drives to store data if one of the drives crash; it will not affect your website and you will not have to suffer any data loss.

Plus, the VPS packages come with state of the art developer tools that aid you to manage your data as well as VPS server with utmost efficiency.

Efficient Customer Support

Like we mentioned before in our A2 Hosting VPS review, the company always makes sure to provide efficient and dedicated customer support to their clients. So, they make sure that you get all the help and solutions you require 24/7 throughout the year irrespective of the problem that you are facing.

You can easily contact them in live chats, email, phone or by generating tickets. You can expect an immediate response from their support team to help you deal with a problem.

30 days Money Back Guarantee and free site migration

A2 Hosting always makes sure to provide their clients with utmost satisfaction. Thus, if you somehow do not feel satisfied with the service that they offer, then you can get your money back within 30 days since your purchase of the VPS package.

Furthermore, the company also offers free site migration if your current hosting provider provides you with a cPanel. As a result, if you are thinking of migrating your site to A2H, then you will not have to spend a dime.

A2 Hosting VPS Packages

They Provide Three Type of VPS HOSTING Packages,


A2H VPS Hosting plans

The price of A2 Hosting Linux VPS packages start from $5.00 on a monthly basis and it goes all the way up to Rs $32.99 per month. A2H offers three different VPS packages to their customers. While the first one or the unmanaged VPS package is for the websites with less traffic and content.

The most exclusive plan that you must have an eye is the A2 Hosting Managed VPS plan which comes at a price of $32.99/Mo. The company also offers a Core VPS plan which offers you root access to your server on top of the features provided by the Managed VPS package.

Let’s check their plans and pricing now,


a2 Unmanaged VPS Web Hosting plans


a2 Managed VPS Web Hosting plans



And the best thing about A2 Hosting is that you can use A2 Hosting VPS coupon to avail further discount on their already affordable packages.

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A2Hosting VPS Coupon Code : 34% OFF

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Final Words

Though A2 Hosting is not the biggest name in the vps market, it offers the best quality VPS hosting that you can ask for. So, go through our A2 Hosting VPS review once again, choose the package that suits you most and enjoy most reliable VPS hosting service.

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