A2 Managed WordPress Hosting Review & Discount

Started in 2001, A2Hosting has been the first choice as a web hosting service for a huge number of websites. A2Hosting has been hosting sites on their super-fast servers and giving an uptime of about 99.9%, consistently since its inception.

Why Choose A2 Managed WordPress Hosting?

A2 Managed WordPress Hosting Discount Coupons

We have some of the best minds working for them and have data centers all over the world. Apart from hosting websites, A2Hosting also provides developer services to its clients that help in integrating websites with features that make the website load faster and makes the life of website owners less hectic. A2Hosting has a number of plans and subscriptions that will suit all kinds of clients.

Shared WordPress vs Managed WordPress of A2 Hosting

Shared WordPress vs Managed WordPress of A2Hosting

A2Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting Features

The motive of A2Hosting was to enable all kinds of users to host their websites and have access to developer features. A2Hosting does this by offering plans that are tailored to meet the requirements of users who would like to use A2Hosting for their websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting Features

All of the plans have premium features, and you get the necessary reliability, irrespective of the plans you choose. You also get all features such as staging, free SSL, and free backups. With such features available with all plans, you cannot go wrong with A2Hosting.

A2 Managed WordPress Hosting Plans


Plan A [1-SITE]

The first plan for $26.47 per month is the basic plan that includes hosting a single site. If you are a user and you have a single website to host, then this plan will suit you perfectly. Along with the hosting you get 10 GB of storage and unlimited transfers.

The basic features such as free SSL, SSD, and CDN are also available. You can also enjoy the premium Turbo feature which boosts your website to twenty times faster. In this plan, your website will be powered by Plesk, and with this control panel, you can easily monitor and control your account and website.

You can also use the staging feature where you can test out plugins and updates before you publish them on your website. A2Hosting also provides easy and automatic backups for your website. In case the website gets hacked or corrupted, you can easily access the backups and bring back up the website.

If you are a user of Jetpack, then you also get a free Jetpack Personal license with this subscription plan. Using the coupon code below, you can get a discounted price of $12.97 per month and enjoy all these features.

Plan B [3-SITES]

The second plan is worth $39.77 and lets you host up to 3 websites. If you have more than one website and the first plan seems inadequate to you, then this plan will be suitable for you. With hosting three websites, you also get storage of up to 25 GB.

You also get an unlimited number of transfers which is a common requirement for every user. Free SSL, SSD, and CDN are also available in this plan.

In this plan too, you get the Turbo feature which makes your website multiple times faster than traditional websites. This is beneficial since it makes your websites load faster and thus attracts traffic. This plan also provides support by Plesk, which makes it very easy to control and manage your account and website.

Plesk provides a single interface for monitoring your entire website. This plan also provides you the feature of site staging which lets you test out updates before making them live. You can also easily backup your website so that it can be accessed in times of complications.

If you use jetpack, then you will be glad to know that you get a free Jetpack Personal license with this plan. Using the coupon code below, you can avail this plan at a small price of $19.48 per month.


The third plan in Managed WordPress Hosting is the $77.49 per month subscription plan. If you have multiple websites and continuously strive to keep them live and manage them, then this plan is the best plan for you. This plan allows you to host an infinite number of websites per month.

If you have several websites, then you will also need a huge amount of storage and this plan provides you 40 GB of storage which can comfortably store all content of your websites. You are also entitled to unlimited transfers and free SSD, SSL and CDN.

If you have multiple websites then optimizing each website can be tough and thus A2Hosting offers the Turbo feature which makes your website twenty times faster than other websites and thus makes them load faster.

You can also utilize the site staging feature by testing the updates before publishing them on your website. With easy and automated backups, you can rest assured that even during accidents, your websites are safe and can be easily brought back up.

With a free Jetpack Personal license, you can use all the features of Jetpack and take control of your website. You can get a huge discount by using the coupon code below, which makes this plan available for only $37.97 per month.

Buy A2 Managed WordPress Hosting Now

These are the various plans offered by A2Hosting to its potential clients. A2Hosting has been offering premium services for a very long time, and their team of experts has developed various features that greatly optimize the websites of the users.

With a strong network of data centers and a promise of 99.99% uptime, we are the one-stop solution for all your hosting needs if you have a website. We also provide money back guarantee with all our plans. If you are unsatisfied with our service, then we will return you your money.

However, it is not without reason that we considered the best Managed WordPress Hosting provider in the industry.

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